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E6 CLOUD 2016 “Connectivity…Competition…Creativity”

E6Golf is universally recognized as the gold standard of virtual golf software. E6Golf offers the most realistic golfing experience available, in 36 modes of play, on over 90 world-class golf courses, all reproduced in exquisite detail with gorgeous, dynamic, fully 3-D graphics. Developed by the design team behind the Links golf video game, over 30 years of experience has gone into creating E6Golf.

Building on this foundation of realism and tradition, E6 is evolving with exciting new trends in the world of golf. While many players love the challenge of traditional golf, a large and growing number of new players have made non-traditional ways to play, such as Topgolf, wildly popular. What’s attracting them is:

  • It’s fun for players of all ages and skill levels
  • Short play sessions—no long time commitments and ideal for larger groups
  • A wide variety of game modes, with video game elements
  • The Driving Range setting is more like bowling than golf, ideal for socializing and parties, and can be open for business day or night, rain or shine

E6 Cloud Free Trial!

The E6Golf software is custom-made to offer all these experiences…and more. So, starting October 1, 2016, E6Golf will introduce E6 Cloud, a premium subscription service for both residential and commercial customers.

As an example, you can think of E6 software as cable TV and E6 Cloud as HBO. If you have E6Golf 1.6, you can add on E6 Cloud and get an all-new lineup of exciting, non-traditional games you won’t find anywhere else. For the upcoming season, here’s what you’ll get:

  • March 1, 2017: Sanctuary Golf Course

    Sanctuary Golf Course


    Get access to an all-new course! Sanctuary, a jewel set high in the Rocky Mountains, described as “the most coveted round of golf in Colorado”.

    Sanctuary Golf Course was founded and built in 1997 by RE/MAX founder and co-founder, Dave and Gail Liniger. This exclusive course and country club only has two official members – the owners. The course was declared, “The USA’s Best New Private Golf Course,” by Golf Digest when it opened. Play is limited to 15 to 20 charity events a year, where rounds at Sanctuary are auctioned off.

    Sanctuary Golf Course
  • February 1, 2017: Yellowstone Country Club

    Yellowstone Country Club

    Designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr., this scenic, mature championship golf course is located under the picturesque Billings rimrocks with a magnificent view of the snowcapped Beartooth Mountains.

    Yellowstone Country Club
  • January 1, 2017: Skills Shot Challenge

    Skills Shot Challenge

    A special 18-hole course designed by the TruGolf/E6 Team that inspires and challenges your creativity with holes featuring bounce pads, funnels and backstops that offer many ways to attack each hole.

    golf skills challenge
  • December 1: Carnival Shooting Gallery

    Carnival Shooting Gallery

    Inspired by carnival-style sideshow games, the Carnival Shooting Gallery provides a wide array of moving targets that offer thrilling surprises when you hit them. With games within the game—such as a Wack-a-Mole area, built especially for kids—the Carnival Shooting Gallery is fast-to-play, action-packed and fun for players of all ages and skill levels!

    Carnival Golf
  • November 1: Junior Challenge Course

    Junior Course Challenge

    An 18-hole course built specifically for younger players and shorter hitters, the Junior Challenge Course is the ideal size to play to par. With exciting course objects and terrain features to entertain and motivate, this course is fun for the entire family to play together.

  • October 1: Demolition Driving Range

    Demolition Driving Range

    Take aim at a driving range full of exciting targets that explode when you hit them! Earn enough points with your first five shots to unlock the Ring of Fire and one shot to hit it through and earn 1000 bonus points! Demolition Driving Range is the most fun you’ll ever have playing golf and perfect for playing alone, head-to-head or with a big group of friends.

    Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club

    BONUS: Get access to an all-new course! Kuala Lumpur, the top-rated course in Malaysia.

    demolition driving range

In addition, E6 Cloud will offer other new features, such as:

  • Access to Online Events: E6 Cloud will offer a variety of online events. Residential customers can participate in free events for prizes; commercial customers can participate in both free and pay-to-play events for cash and prizes!
  • Easy Tee: A special new tee that shortens every hole, boosts power and minimizes hooks and slices.
  • New Training Tools: The E6 Cloud Team is working with famed golf instructor Mike Malaska to offer a series of training tools to hone your skills.
  • Access to 4 New Courses: A new course will be released every three months and all subscribers will have free access!
  • Virtual Clubhouse Private Events: For commercial customers, set up private events on all the simulators in your facility.

Free for the Next Year!

Best of all, you get all this at no cost for the next year! When the free trial ends next September, our hope is that you’ll see what a great value this subscription service is and want to have continued access to this year’s games, as well as all-new games and features for next season.


Subscribe now and start enjoying all the amazing benefits of E6 Cloud!

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