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This is a list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information please contact a us by calling 866-711-GOLF.

What differentiates the TRUGOLF™ Simulator from its competition?

TRUGOLF™ is the only simulator to use two types of sensors (one for club head tracking, and the other for ball flight data collection); used in conjunction with the largest ball flight data sampling (we have at least a 10 ft sample of ball flight info vs. others who have only a few ft. of ball flight info), it results in the most accurate system out there.
Because of our incredible degree of accuracy, we’re the only simulator with the capability of reading your fade or draw and accurately simulating it. Other systems guesstimate the distance of your shot, unable to read fades or draws.
The technological advances we’ve made with our Element6™ engine are unprecedented in the industry. We’ve developed features so cutting edge in golf simulation; we’ve pushed well beyond any competition for many years to come. See E6Golf™ software features.

What is the upkeep of the golf simulator?

Club Head Sensors – Minimal upkeep is required for our golf simulator. Since our system uses club head tracking technology, the club head sensors in the hitting mat must remain clear. Simply vacuum any debris from the sensor holes every so often.
Projector – The projector bulb will need to be replaced occasionally.

Can I choose which golf courses I want?

Each simulator comes with at least 15 courses. We sell additional courses and course packages in our Online Shop.

How often do I need to replace the hitting mat and screen?

The golf hitting mat is very durable and its life is dependent on use. Most mats in residential settings last 2 years or longer.
The golf screen is very durable but will break down over time with use. Use clean golf balls that have not been scratched or marred. The golf screen will last a year or two with normal residential use and approximately 9 months to a year with commercial use.

I have my own computer. Can I use it with the TRUGOLF™ Simulator?

Only on the Technique Personal can you use your own computer, if it meets the requirements for E6Golf Lite. On all other Simulators our computers require certain hardware configurations and contain proprietary tracking hardware. We custom build our computers with the latest Intel Processors and NVIDIA chipset Graphics card.

I have my own projector. Can I use it with the TRUGOLF™ Simulator?

Not unless your projector meets very specific requirements. Our simulator requires a specific short throw distance projector to eliminate shadow throw on the screen while golfing. We can help choose the best option for your simulator.
We are able to accommodate a second projector if you prefer a different projector for home theater needs. This can be discussed with a TRUGOLF™ technical assistant.

Is there any pre-wiring that needs to be done prior to the installation?

Only the Premium Residential golf simulator requires pre-wiring. The  Premium Residential requires several electrical outlets as well as video and data conduits located near each component, e.g., the projector needs power, video, and sometimes data. Component locations vary.
For more specific information, contact your a TruGolf Representative.

What are the power requirements of the simulator?

All simulators draw 3-4 Amps, and need one 15A. 125V. duplex receptacle.

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