Finding the Golf Simulator That’s Right for You

TruGolf Virtual Golf Simulators are the best-in-class and the most technologically sophisticated indoor golf simulators on the market. Our diverse range of golf simulators can be customized to fit your unique specifications and needs. If you’re looking for an in-home fixture to enhance your movie room, or one of our portable Technique Golf Simulators, with simple set-up and take-down, TruGolf has the answer.

Golf Simulator Range

For Golf Families

Others, simply, want to spend more time with their family. These customers know that golf is a great way to spend time together, and the golf simulator provides that opportunity in the comfort of your home. Our Vista Series golf simulators offer portable, durable, and affordable luxury for those who simply want to share some quality time with the family. But, our home golf simulators also serve as a unique teaching tool, for those who have a child with a growing interest in golf. Whether golf is recreation, or passion, the TruGolf Indoor Golf Simulator accommodates every need.


For Entertainment

Our virtual golf simulators double as a state-of-the-art, home entertainment system. Whether your family wants to play nine-holes at Pebble Beach® Golf Links*, or watch their favorite movie together on TruGolf’s larger-than-life 220” Horizon Golf Simulator screen, our golf simulators can accommodate your needs. Our talented staff has the knowledge to help you design the ultimate game room for your new home, or help transform your existing game room. No matter what your needs are, or how complex your vision may be, TruGolf can make it happen.


For Golf Fanatics

Our Golf Simulators meet an array of needs. Many of our customers are golf enthusiasts, who want to keep perfecting their swing through the winter months. These customers are students of the game, who use TruGolf’s E6Golf software to fine tune and hone their game – from club head speed, angle of attack, club face open / closed, to many other necessary analytics, they are searching for the perfect golf swing.

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