The beginning of TruGolf’s high-end, installed virtual golf simulators

Signature Golf Simulator

THE SIGNATURE is the perfect golf simulator for any home or indoor golf facility. It was designed for the enthusiast who never skips a round and never accepts a gimmie. This unit features the same analytics used by teaching and playing professionals to hone in their golf game.

Up and Running

The self contained unit does not require any additional components or mounting hardware. The freestanding 14’ frame is wrapped in dark fabric for discreet and professional presentation.


14’2” W x 16’ D x 9’8” H

Signature Golf Simulator
Golf Courses
Diagonal Screen

Required Space - 15' W x 20' D x 10' H



 The Signature comes standard with TruGolf’s TruFlight Camera System

This technology works for both right and left handed golfers.


TruTrack measures club head and ball data. The information is presented in a clear and concise way, making it easier than ever before to perfect your golf swing.

Data includes: Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, and more.

launch angle
club speed
club path
club face angle
ball speed

Download Brochure

Golf Simulator Brochure

Warranty Information

TruGolf’s One-Year Limited Warranty covers manufacturing errors, installation errors, and defective parts. For more information, please review the warranty here.

Space Requirements

It is very important before purchasing a TruGolf Simulator that you have enough space  to swing a golf club in the desired room where the golf simulator will reside. The Signature golf Simulator has been designed to contain the swing and ball of anyone golfing on the simulator.

Required Space – 15′ W x 20′ D x 10′ H

When designing your golf simulator room here are a few things to take in account:

  • Does the room have enough space around the simulator for others to watch comfortably?
  • Is there enough room for seating around the simulator?
  • Are there any windows in the room? The light from windows can washout the image being projected.
  • Is there internet access? E6Golf software requires internet for online competitions, updates, and product authorization.
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