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TruGolf offers multi-unit discounts on any of it's golf simulators.

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TruGolf offers a full and diverse line of simulators at every price point.

Golf Simulator


TruGolf offers in house design layout services as well as Virtual 3D Renderings.

Golf Simulator

Starting Your Own Indoor Golf Facility

Is golf your passion? Are you looking to start a career in the field you love? Now, while the weather is warm is the time to prepare your own indoor golf facility.

While your future clients are golfing outside, there are several things you need to do to prepare for the virtual golf season. You need to price a menu, hire your staff, and select which indoor golf system will provide the most to you and your clientele.

With a wide range of prices, TruGolf offers highly accurate software and reliable hardware for any indoor golf facility. In addition, we have a number of financing options and have helped many of the premier indoor golf facility locations get their start.

Not only is TruGolf’s hardware competitively priced, our software is the most realistic, the most accurate, and the most comprehensive available on the market. If you are looking for more features, more accuracy, and more world-class golf courses, look no further.

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If you’re thinking about starting or enhancing your own virtual golf center, look no further than TruGolf and E6Golf.

So, why choose TruGolf? Because TruGolf and E6Golf mean more…

More Golf Simulators

TruGolf offers the widest variety of golf simulators on the market. We have a golf system for every price range, beginning at: $7,995.

Golf Simulator Range

TruGolf’s simulators include smaller portable units and fully customizable large units. Every unit comes standard with TruGolf’s best-in-class, golf simulation software E6Golf and dual TruTrac Tracking System. Our TruTrac works for both right and left handed golfers.

More Golf Courses

E6Golf has the largest selection of world-class golf courses, with four new golf courses made available every year. Each one of our virtual golf courses is a precise replica of its physical counterpart, and is unmatched by any competition.

More Accuracy

Recently, E6Golf v 1.6 was released. Upgrades include: improvements to the lighting module, doubled terrain textures, and enhanced physics, making the software more immersive and more realistic than ever before.

E6Golf is now more immersive than ever before. The software is compatible with up to 4K, and is the most realistic golf simulation software available. Each one of the world-class golf courses offered by E6Golf is a precise recreation of the real course. Our team of artists and programmers use state-of-the-art mapping and geo-terrain data to ensure a precise likeness.

MORE Features

It is not just the look and feel of E6 that is unmatched by competitors, no other software is as feature rich or comprehensive. E6Golf v 1.6 features:


Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Clear, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Overcast
Fairway/Green hardness and speed, Adjustable Wind Settings, and More


Championship, Professional, Amateur, Ladies, and Junior
Everyone picks their own tee-box. Our system can handle up to eight players during one round.


Looking to prepare for a high-altitude golf trip? Headed down to sea-level? Hone your distances with our elevation settings.


Are you trying to perfect a tee-shot? Are you having trouble with a specific approach shot? You can set up, practice, and take as many swings as you need during game-play, without delaying play for anyone behind you.


Looking to only work on tee-shots, irons, and wedges? E6Golf allows players to use the computer to score putts, based on “Gimmie” distances that you choose


For beginners and younger players, the software features a “Boost” setting that provides a little extra distance in each shot.

More Devices

Already have a device? Make the most of it with E6Golf. The software is compatible with:

  • Trackman
  • Full Swing Golf
  • Pro-Tee United
  • Sports Coach
  • FlightScope
  • Golf Simulators of America
  • Premier DivotAction™

Act Now | Save Big

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If you’re thinking about starting or enhancing your own virtual golf center, look no further than TruGolf and E6Golf.

We invite you to experience E6Golf v 1.6, the latest version of our best-in-class software. Our software is more realistic and more accurate than ever before. In addition to the unparalleled look and feel of E6Golf, we also offer the largest course library of world-class golf courses for purchase.


Should I charge by the hour or with greens fees?

Typically, indoor golf facilities charge by the hour. Some choose to charge per person, per hour – your pricing schedule may change depending on the season. Per hour guarantees that you are receiving revenue, regardless of your client’s skill set. Also, this will ensure an even pricing structure for clients who come in just to practice, not to play.

How many simulators should I get for the best return on my investment?

This depends on how much business you expect to have. The strongest indoor golf facilities have more than three units – this allows them to run contests, competitions, and leagues.

How much room do I need for each simulator?

For the “Required Space,” measurement, please visit our simulator page. The numbers beneath each simulator represent the actual “footprint” of the unit. You will want a much larger space so players can swing comfortably and safely with other players behind them.

Where can I see and demo a TruGolf simulator?

Confirm your address with one of our sales associates they can coordinate an onsite visit through either our reseller network or a TruGolf commercial facility.

Is there a multi-unit discount?

TruGolf offers discounts for anyone purchasing more than one unit. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Tournaments / Leagues / Contests

Through E6 Cloud, TruGolf will be hosting Closest to the Pin contests, Stroke Play tournaments, and Long Drive Challenges throughout the year. Subscribers will have access to these contests – for more information about E6 Cloud, contact our sales team, or visit the website at:

Additional Revenue:

Many facilities have found success offering private lessons, leagues, discounts to high school and college golf teams, private parties, and more. Use your facility as a location for local PGA professionals to teach during the winter.

Host your own tournaments! With E6Golf, you can hold Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, and Stroke Play competitions. Don’t forget, a huge part of your potential revenue will be from food and drinks. Make sure to perfect your menu and hire a capable service staff.

Indoor Golf Facility
Indoor Golf Facility
Indoor Golf Facility
Indoor Golf Facility
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