PAR30 Light Bulb

Philips EcoVantage PAR30 Light Bulb


Philips EcoVantage PAR30 Spot Light Bulb
Replacement bulb for TruGolf Simulator’s overhead light. Fits all models of TruGolf Simulators.

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  • Product Description

    Philips EcoVantage PAR30

    Philips EcoVantage PAR30 Spot light bulbs are a bright, energy saving alternative to standard incandescent light bulbs.

    • Philips EcoVantage 53-Watt PAR30 spot light light bulb replaces a 75-Watt incandescent
    • Saves up to 28% in energy costs
    • Ideal for use in indoor recessed cans and track lights, as well as outdoor flood light fixtures
    • Provides a bright, white light and its clear finish adds a spectacular sparkle to home décor
    • Dims just like and incandescent bulb and provides full brightness instantly
  • Additional Information

    Weight2 lbs
    Dimensions4 x 3.5 x 3.5 in
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