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TruBalance Mobile: The Perfect Swing Starts From the Ground Up

TruGolf is proud to announce TruBalance Mobile, the first portable weight-shift measurement system on the market.

The system utilizes Blue-Tooth connectivity and links to your IOS device. The results are easily read and understood, making it easier than ever before to perfect your swing. These force sensing insoles give you the critical information you need, that allows you to literally “see” how your body weight moves during your swing.

As an industry leader in golf performance technology, TruGolf has designed a highly effective and intuitive system to use, making it a must-have for serious golfers and teaching professionals throughout the world.

TruBalance Mobile Professional

Professional Edition*

Large, Medium, Small
  • 3 pair of wearable SensorSoles™
  • 2 clip-on Bluetooth processor cases
  • 2 spare batteries
  • instruction manual
  • deluxe carrying case
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TruBalance Mobile Standard

Standard Edition*

Large, Small
  • 2 pair of wearable SensorSoles™
  • 2 clip-on Bluetooth processor cases
  • 2 spare batteries
  • instruction manual
  • deluxe carrying case
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TruBalance Mobile Personal

Personal Edition*

Large (trim to fit)
  • 1 pair of wearable SensorSoles™
  • 2 clip-on Bluetooth processor cases
  • 2 spare batteries
  • instruction manual
  • deluxe carrying case
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*Shoes not included.

Tom Stickney

As a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher I take my job and my equipment very seriously as you could understand. That’s why whenever I introduce new technology into my Learning Centers I must be sure that they are the best in the business.

After using multiple center of gravity mats within my facilities over the years I have come to settle on Trugolf’s Trubalance Mobile Unit. The affordability and accuracy of the product makes this great for home use, and the versatility of using it in “game-like” situations on the course makes this product a win-win for myself and my clients.

I would recommend anyone whom is serious about improving their golf swing and pivot motion to take a look at TruBalance Mobile as it will make these issues a thing of the past.

Tom F. Stickney II - Professional Golf Instructor

TruBalance Mobile

We Have Mapped the X-Factor

This system is ideal for use on the driving range or on the course during a round. Each shot can be recorded and saved. Mark your best shots and review them later using TruGolf’s state-of-the-art software.

These analyses will show you when and how you moved your weight during your swing, for better or for worse. Identifying these weight-shift patterns will lead to longer drives, pure strikes, and fewer putts.


Proper weight shift is what keeps a good golfer from being a great golfer. It is often an x-factor, that is hard to teach and hard to learn.

Devices that measure weight transfer have traditionally been extremely expensive and only available in conjunction with golf simulators and launch monitors. A system to measure weight shift could cost up to $30,000 and was a permanent fixture in your home or clubhouse.

It’s Your Game

The importance of TruBalance Mobile is that it puts this technology in your hands. Now, on your own time, you can get the same information and produce the same results as high-end golf technology facilities.

With new clubs being introduced that guarantee more forgiveness and more distance, golfers often forget to brush up on the fundamentals. It’s your swing and your game.


Whether you are a tour pro or a weekend warrior, TruBalance Mobile will help you lengthen your drives, rid your game of mis-hits, and help you play your best rounds.

TruGolf, Driving Reality.

TruBalance Technology
TruBalance Mobile
TruBalance Mobile

TruBalance Mobile App

The TruBalance Mobile App is available on iOS for Bluetooth 4 compatible tablets and phones. This app is required in order to access the data from the SensorSoles™. It provides a clean, user-friendly interface that gives you the tools you need to analyze CORE balance movement and assist your students in improving their golf swing.

We’ve added high-speed video capture that is synced with the insole data to allow evaluation of your CORE balance position at various points in the golf swing or during a putt. The app allows you to save and share your CORE balance data and videos of your swings.

*All TruBalance products include a limited 1-year warranty and 90-days free online tech support. All products are warranteed against manufacturers’ defects but exclude abuse, water damage, or normal wear and tear.

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Where do I get the TruBalance Mobile App?

The app is available free from iTunes.

Get the Manual

How do I use TruBalance Mobile?

Download the TruBalance Mobile Manual

TruBalance Mobile App

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