Unmatched Accuracy. Unmatched Value.

TruFlight™ uses two high-speed digital cameras to capture stereo images of the moving golf ball. These images are processed instantly with our exclusive Image Analysis to determine ball speed, launch angle and ball direction. Combined with club head data collected at the point of impact, this allows our E6Golf software to calculate ball flight with unmatched accuracy.

Truflight Camera System

TruFlight™ is self-contained, with its own infrared lighting system, and offers versatility for installation, including a setup above and in front of the golfer. This provides a robust range of view to capture the full spectrum of golf shots, from high speed drives to the softest chip shots. Affordably priced and with a new hitting surface built to handle over five million swings, TruFlight™ offers unmatched value, accuracy and longevity.

TruFlight Camera
Infrared Sensors
5 Million Swings


TruFlight comes standard with a Fiberbuilt Hitting Mat and TruTrack2 Club Head Sensors

Fiberbuilt allows golfers to swing down and through the mat with their irons. This provides the golfer pure ball contact and the truest feel of the fairway. The color of the grass will not fade and the Fiberbuilt is rated to withstand over 5 million swings.

The mat Dynamic Load Distribution cells are built into the underside of the mat’s foundation. They absorb and distribute force to extend the life of the stance mat. These improvements prevent shock and arm injury.

Fiberbuilt is engineered for strength and durability. Additionally, the hitting mat is manufactured using a knitted nylon process that will withstand irons and drivers, while offering the golfer the comfort of over 5/8″ PVC heavy shock pad.

TruGolf’s brand-new, high-speed camera tracking system!

The all new TruFlight camera tracking system is currently available in all full size golf simulators, including: the Signature, the Premium Residential, the Premium Commercial, and the Horizon.

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