TruTrack² TruGolf’s New and Improved Tracking System Hardware

Independently tested by leading golf equipment manufacturers against other high-speed camera systems and launch monitors, our proprietary TruTrack system has been lauded as simply incredible, rivaling the accuracy of high-speed camera systems, AND providing you with the data critical to improving your performance. It’s a testament to our pioneering engineers who have been setting the bar in golf simulation software for over twenty years.

TruTrack integrates two very different tracking technologies into one powerful system, giving you the information you need to dramatically improve your game. Ball flight characteristics are accurately calculated utilizing sonic triangulation positioning technologies in conjunction with optical analysis of the club path and clubface angle.

Advanced Tracking System with Integrated Swing Analysis

Our system, based upon patented technology, uses sonic ball tracking sensors and three rows of optical sensors which measure your club path and clubface angle during impact, and show you that information instantaneously in a clear, easily understood swing analysis screen. The integrated swing analysis is included in practice as well as in game and highlights the distinguishing characteristics of each swing.

Many tracking systems are very good at measuring and calculating ball flight, but lack the club head information needed to analyze your performance. TruTrack accomplishes both. We not only know WHAT the ball did, but WHY the ball did it.

TruTrack’s sleek interface reveals critical information about your swing including launch angle, club head speed, clubface and path, back spin, side spin, ball speed, direction and carry, all the information vital to improving your performance and enhancing your experience.

What Our Customers are Saying about TruTrack²

“The new boards are working great! This is our busiest time of year and we can’t afford to have a simulator down. The new TruTrack² is performing perfectly.”
–PT, Midwest Customer with six simulators

“We were having static-related issues prior to installing the new system. TruTrack² is performing without any issues.”
—CC, Upper Midwest Customer with four simulators

“We have been using a TruTrack² tracking system in one of our simulators and it is working great! We are now switching over our other three simulators.”
–SS, Colorado Customer with four simulators

TruTrack² Overview

TruGolf’s original TruTrack system has been a tremendous success for many years, providing highly-accurate, reliable shot tracking for virtual golf simulation. Positioned beneath the hitting surface, TruTrack provides a unique degree of accuracy, while also keeping the playing area clean and uncluttered.

TruGolf has upgraded its tracking system hardware with new features which include:

  • New Two-Component Construction

    The original TruTrack system was a single integrated unit, which sat below the hitting surface. With TruTrack², the Sensor Board remains under the hitting surface, while all the impact-sensitive hardware is housed in a separate Control Box (still below the mat, but away from the hitting area).

    trutrack2 control
  • Improved Durability

    In addition to insulating all impact-sensitive components and connectors from the hitting surface, TruTrack² uses a 34-pin ribbon cable to transfer power, ground and signal from the Sensor Board to the Control Box. This time-tested method will prevent the connections from loosening due to impact vibration.

  • Reduced Static Interference

    TruTrack² provides a new grounding mechanism to minimize static. The circuit boards of both the Sensor Board and Control Box now feature full copper ground plates on each side to help reduce static build-up and electromagnetic interference.

  • Improved Shot Detection/Reduced Misreads

    If the simulated grass surface of the hitting area isn’t trimmed occasionally, it can reduce visibility for the sensors below and eventually lead to the sensors not reading shots properly. To address this, we have increased light sensitivity values for the LED sensors, which will reduce potential interference from fibers and small debris.

    TruTrack 2 Sensors
  • New Streamlined Design

    The TruTrack² Control Box has been redesigned using SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components, keeping it small and compact.

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