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larry nelson dynamix golf simulator
Larry Nelson

I do all my practicing inside now, this simulator gives me better feedback than hitting hundreds of balls on the range and I can quickly get my swing to where it needs to be before I head out to my next event. I only wish that this technology was available 30 years ago.

Larry Nelson - Winner of 3 Major Championships - Dynamix

Jake Hanley

The TruGolf Technique Prestige simulator has been pivotal in establishing a realistic and challenging golf experience to members of The Jeremy Golf and CC during the cold winter months. The members enjoy participating in weekly shop games, monthly demo days and closest to the hole contests. It provides a year round golf experience that has been embraced by both members and staff.

Jake Hanley - PGA Head Golf Professional - The Jeremy Golf And Country Club

My son just graduated, finished 3rd in the state, going to college on a golf scholarship and he and his buddies lived in that simulator during the winters and as a team they just finished the best 4 yr run in Indiana High School golf history. 3 state championships and 1 runner up. And the TruGolf simulator was their winter workout place.

Mike DeckSon going to college on a golf scholarship!

Moss Vale Golf Club

I'd like to congratulate both Brad Huggett & Andrew Stobie for their patience and expertise in seeing our vision of an Indoor Golf Centre at Moss Vale Golf Club to fruition.

The whole process was very simple and technical advice and support at all times was just a phone call away. The Club installed 3 TruGolf Simulators into our previously occupied function room and converted the room into a modern functional Sports Bar to host all things Golf in addition to live sporting events through the Big Screen projectors.

The venue in the first 6 weeks has surpassed expectations with revenue specific to that venue surging past the prior years comparable Function revenue by 300%.

The venues start up prior to the winter months was essential and has justified the concept with our members and guests of Dormie House being able to play golf whilst the course was closed due to the horrendous flooding in the 1st week of July, the wind, rain & 2 degree temperatures common in the Southern Highlands and of an evening after work or with a group of friends.

To be able to host the State of Origin and US Open live on the big screen is an additional bonus of the product.

Accuracy and realism of the software is the most influential part of convincing members of the benefits of the product and once they experienced the benefits of using the range, participating in fun nearest the Pin Social events at pebble beach or playing in our 72 hole Indoor Championships at St Andrews they were hooked.

Well done Brad & Andrew hopefully we see many more similar concepts around the country in the future to encourage all ages to enjoy the fun of indoor golf.

Jason HarwoodMoss Vale Golf Club

I started golfing about 5 years ago and fell in love with the game. However, in Western Washington the golf season only lasts about 3 months. My typical scores were hovering around 100. I tried everything to get them lower but to no avail. Last February, I bought a Prestige Golf Simulator so that I could golf year round. I played on average 2 rounds a day. The play is so realistic you almost actually feel you are at the golf course you selected to play. The instant swing analysis is dead on. I accomplished in 4 months what I spent 5 years trying to do. I lowered my golf scores 20 strokes not only on the simulator but at our local golf courses. I just wanted to say thank you for a truly incredible product.

Kevin DoussardLowered golf score by 20 strokes

TruGolf Premium WeberState

“The golf simulator and indoor facility from TruGolf has been a wonderful addition for our program. Our golfers can practice in between classes, evenings, and during the winter season on realistic and accurate simulation. Hitting on the driving range, playing courses, and putting are allowing our players to improve their skills on campus indoors. The TruGolf Simulator and E6 software are amazing and we are very happy with our purchase.”

Jeff Smith WSUJeff Smith - Director of GolfWeber State University


“When researching numerous golf simulator companies, TruGolf proved to be the best fit for my family’s needs.
The simulator is accurate and their E6Golf software is loaded with courses, and a practice range perfect for honing in my golf game. I’m very happy with my TruGolf Simulator and look forward to many hours of family fun.”

McCarthyMike McCarthyProfessional Head Football Coach

``In just two days we have sold thousands of dollars in winter lesson packages.``

Alex HansbergerMission Hills Country Club

``I have had a successful winter season with TruGolf playing a very large part.``

Jim Salnek - PGA Teaching ProfessionalSalnek Golf Performance

``I wanted to email you in regards to my golf game and how it has been greatly improved by the use of your TruGolf simulator I purchased last year. I have several friends that come over to play with me in the winter time last year and they enjoyed it and could not believe how “Real” to them it was playing the courses. We hit real golf balls and it is as realistic as it could ever be for a in House system.

I recently had my Golf Tec pro teacher out to spend the weekend and he uses simulators all the time and he was very impressed by the whole simulator and really thought it was the best home simulator that he has seen for a long time. Thanks for such a great product, sure makes the Saturday nights with snow flying much easier to manage….``

Todd E. Hoins - Brokerage Specialists Inc

``Just one word 'WOW'!!!!! I am not a pro golfer by any means but now I will be able to play the courses that they get to play! It looks so much better in real life at my house than it does on the computer screen reading about it. I cannot say enough GREAT things about TRUGOLF!

The individuals that came to install the simulator are two quality individuals. They were VERY professional and so nice to be around. They make you feel that you have known them for a lifetime! Again THANK YOU so much for sticking with me over this long haul. It is everything I dreamed of and more!

Golf Clubs - $1,500.00
Golf Balls - $75.00
Having a TRUGOLF simulator - PRICELESS``

Tad HankinsVery Happy TRUGOLF Sim owner

Technique Prestige Testimonial

“Most people only take the time to send a comment when they have a problem. That's why I want to drop you this note. The price of this simulator seemed too reasonable when compared to the other turnkey offerings that I considered and investigated. I was skeptical, so I got a couple of references. I called them and got great reviews but unfortunately none was close enough to visit. I can't remember ever spending this amount of money for something that I did not see, touch or feel. I went ahead anyway.

I received my golf simulator earlier than promised and I was shocked when I began to set it up. I received what I can only describe as something that was made for the most demanding commercial or even military use. The custom frame and netting is heavy enough to last a lifetime yet constructed with such thought that assembly was easy. The items that were integrated into the system, like the projector and the computer, were top of the line.

Hooking up the hitting mat and sensors took no time and the software was up and running minutes after I pressed the power button. I was so impressed and proud of my system that I gutted my cluttered two car garage and built a custom room around the simulator.

My friends are all jealous and they are booking tee times to come over and play. I am looking forward to the winter snow and cold just to be mentally transported to Hawaii for 18 holes.

Great job and thanks in advance for all the future enjoyment.”

Technique Prestige TestimonialGary CooperDoesn't have a garage anymore.

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